Letra de The Gutter
Giving death while caressing the carcass
They blew the plume of warmness from her lips
She died so young

Points of blades
Cutting and chopping utensils
Flints for slicing three slices of brain dices
They always slice neatly down through the side to the spine
Being extra careful when sawing where the spine meets the top of the pelvis
Trims away the neck
Peels off meat from bones
Cuts the leg off at the bottom of the buttock
The rump will have to be carved as well
Offal and other waste trimmings disposed through burial and animal feed
Crush the broken knees
Mutilation bores me
Watching meat turn green

Their short grey-to-brown fur covered in gore
Many more butchering skills to lore
Chunks of bone in the pools of blood
Quickly rotten in the jungle heat
Eat her meat

The rotting guts of a Nage virgin
Left decayed next to the damned
An eye removed
Traces of tears on her mutilated face, covered by her fabulous hair
Bashing her teeth in in her sleep
The sweet sleep of death

Undisguised admiration in a girl's passionate rotting
Blowjobs and black kisses for dark evenings