Letra de Child
Snakes and birds to kill the hunger for a while
They gather and plan
Desiring an unspoiled slit
A young cunt
A hunt to hunt a beauty down
Stalking with their evil eyes
Lie hidden behind fruited vines

Fields near the village
A girl so lovely in her sweet girlish shyness
Glory crowning her wonderful hair
Dark brown with a natural care

A verdant green darkness to obscure the forest-dwellers
Strangulation and first ejaculations in the garden and bone cave

A hand to stop the screaming
A palm to break the jaw
Following the foul smell on the breeze
Making their way through the evergreen trees
Carrying her unconscious body into the cave
Should kissing take the whole night

Teach them and feed them
Let them lick your feet
Show them the secrets of human food
In a day or two they will not take you

Howls of lust
How do you prefer the ending?
The warmness in your mouth may or may not be swallowed
The gogo favours both styles
A noble
Ass to mouth