Token Of My Affection Letra


Gorilla Monsoon

Letra de Token Of My Affection
You'd think after all these years of being clean I’d get my feelings back
Right? So why it don't feel like that
Its like God built my heart with a shield attached
Shawty always wanna argue I can't deal with that
So instead of facing my problems I walk away
And leave the relationship in an awkward way
I used to talk about rape like it was funny
And then they raped the woman that was close to me
Now i listen to those tracks and i can’t believe
That a younger me could lack such compassion and empathy
And i would probably give a kidney
Just for my female fans they could forgive me
The younger me would probably think I was soft
But i look back at them days and i know i was lost
Living life without a care in the world
So, how could i ever care bout a girl
When, i couldn't even care for myself
Tryna numb the pain taking every drug on the shelf
How could you forgive me when i can't forgive myself
Thank you for your patience
All these years clean and I'm still isolating
I'm sorry I kept you waiting
Shit, fuck, run that back

This a token of my affection
Wrote these thoughts down on this paper while you were resting
As you get older your life takes a direction
When it comes to my love know there's never a question
This is a token of my affection
When you staring in the mirror don't recognize your reflection
Just know you gonna be great like you always been destined
Keep me by your side you'll never need no protection

A Little girl is waking up this morning going to her stepfather that touched her last night
And she gotta smile in front of her mother, sister and her brother
Just like everything is alright
When it’s not
Babygirl I wish I was there to make you special
I wish I was there to make him respect you
But overall I wish I could jump to that kitchen table
Sit right next to you and protect you
Just know
Half of the kids at school are going through the same thing
And it’s not your fault so you can blame him
He's gonna get whats coming to him
Cause karma catches up with everyone and it knows what he’s doing
How could you selfishly ruin a life and diminish it
There's nothing more precious than a child's innocence
All the issues that stem from mental imprisonment
How could you stand yourself and live with it
I promise you if i ever catch him I'm a mother fuckin finish him
Come here nigga
No, no I promise, no, I p-r-o-m, i p-r-omise!
This is a token of my affection
Keep me by your side you’ll never need no protection
I'm here to make right what is destined
I love you