Step Aside (Intro) Letra


Gorilla Monsoon

Letra de Step Aside (Intro)
I been in this game for years, it's made me an animal

Back when skinny Nems was juxing everything, I was laying back
Getting fat, on the inside, planning my attack
Come through and air your whole shit like brrat
Take that, knock niggas out with a smack
Chill, no need for that, just grab the fucking gat
Load the pistol, creep on them niggas and then you get low
I'll let a whole clip go
Empty out your pockets, let me get dough
Shit, I'll take Blood money or Crip dough
They said I wasn't shit though, looked at me funny
Now they asking for a job 'cause I'm out here getting money
You fucking dumb, dummy?
Take your bummy ass down to them library computers and start up a GoFundMe (Pussy)
The flow ugly, been here for years, I'm so hungry
And I don't need a motherfucking plug for help
'Cause I go hard like there's nothing else
Shit, I'm so nice I go back and forth with my fucking self

Step aside lil homie, this Gorilla (Fuck your life, nigga)
Move along cocksucker, this Gorilla

Coney Island
That's it