No Reggaeton Letra


Gorilla Monsoon

Letra de No Reggaeton
Uh, uh, uh
My shit is proper
Hittin' switches pick the top up
Switch the topic
Catch me dickin’ down a bad bitch from Nicaragua
Sippin' aqua told the chick to pick the gwap up
Stuffed the bricks into the locker
At the trap spot on Knickerbocker
I could pick ya pocket have my chicken pop ya
While you staring at her vicious knockers
Hit ya block up
You got to call me Gorilla papa
While i pop up with a hundred niggas in the box truck
Bar for bar Im the best and ya mans know
We run in spots that these bitch niggas can't go
The say this nigga rap like he think he Rambo
Crash the F-150 through ya fuckin Lambo
You workin’ out for nothin' nigga fuck ya muscles
My gun'll bust you
Hollow tips'll love to scuffle
Upper cut you, break ya jaw, bust my knuckles
Smack ya pops, snuff ya uncle, mother fuck you
Two time felony niggas that love to hustle
I ain't even gotta address ya'll
What you know bout goin' to church with your vest on
You was up at college I was fightin' at the mess hall
We wash niggas up fuck they sister
Have her screamin’ Fuck Ya Lyfe on the back of the Gxr
And I back niggas down with a tre eight long
Puerto Rican nigga rap
No reggaeton

Im Eminem when he was fightin’ Kim
Never leave the crib with no forty shorty thats like a sin
You tipped the scale we tipped the boat shit way different
It's Plug Talk without Rich the Kid and its way different
All these fuckin’ holidays i spent giving
These funny guys give em twenty-five like I'm Ben Simmons
Had more in the stash
Weed ounces four and a half
That old Impala with the Florida tags ma nigga
Ordered the crab the money never equal the love
Thats why I gotta teach my daughter this math ma nigga
Small frame but my wrist thirty
Brand new ladder thats a big thirty
I do the VVS lightnin' all around me baby
Its thick as diamonds lookin' stormy word to cali baby
European shirts heard they seen the weapon
Cocaine numbers wave runners like its yeezy seven
So who the fuck you thought was nicer
Bronx hood nigga word to NYCHA
They all scary I get the water part in the middle like I’m moses of Marbury
Nigga squad ready
They hate the facts
Drunk nigga playing sacks
Face em eye to eye we can save the raps
Wussup nigga
I heard them niggas but I pray they won't
Puerto Rican nigga rap
No reggaeton

Fuck Ya Lyfe
Know niggas that doin life with lyfers the homies
New York the only island we know of is Rikers or Coney
Since the 80's like some Asicsnever liked the Saucony's
Fuck a four if he a foe phone check him he phony
If she a hoe ima fuckin home wrecker she know me
Hang up the phone F' em right after I F' her she blow me
Now go home
Clean that mess up with your ex till i call you
Cause no way do I be lettin' em call me
Ima G fuck you thought
We was taught not to ever squeal
NEMS if he ever tell you hang him off that ferris wheel
Show em Coney Island they never knew that it had a view
Then Bring em to the Bronx we have a zoo full of animals
We're slingin' razors, bang
Click click boom when the canon boom
Make it hotter than tannin' booths in the tannin' room
On some other dope shit
Like i pop suboxone
Ill fuck ya moms while ya pops is watchin'
In the forest like
Fuck it life is like a box of chocolates
Chop em put em in a box whats poppin'
You won't pop you can't box
Im Mayweather tryna box but Hopkins
You one legged you shot you hoppin'
You shoulda went straight home
I hate when niggas talk and say they know
Then the pistol pierce his brain and bullets break they bones
Never gettin' up when they say go
Puerto Rican nigga rap
No reggaeton