Letra de Gahbage
Who the fuck told you you was nice nigga?
Fuck outta here

Ya shit is basura
Homie you got shot you was never a shooter
I’m in the mirror narcissist Lex Luger
And my 94’ rugby lookin’ like Grand Puba
Wifey like Mary J with the bucket though
I wake up every morning like fuck it though
Bitch you ain’t Beyonce
And ya home girls don’t really fuck with you
You out here like Latoya Luckett hoe
Bum rappers wanna twist up faces
I’ll collapse they cheekbone and i’ll punch through braces (bahng!)
All that lean got you waking up dope sick
Go to rehab I’ll hit ya girl with the dope dick
I’m a G though
Niggas be frontin’ not me though
These bars’ll knock the confidence outta ya ego
Won’t feature me cause they scared of the goon
And when I freestyle it knocks the fuckin air out the room

Ya soundlcoud is gahbage
(One follower)
Ya mixtape is gahbage
(Pass that lemme break up this weed)
Ya instagram is gahbage
(Delete that)
The link in ya bio is gahbage
(Fuck outta here)
Everybody you rhyme wit is garbage
Nigga ya whole block is garbage
(And pussy)
Nine on me nigga give up ya wallet
Ain’t no conspiracy against you all ya shit is just garbage

Ya shit is hadaki
Jab jab uppercut quiver ya body
(Boom boom bow)
I don’t care if you was goin’ to see papi
I smack bitch niggas like you out they Isaac Mizrahi
The clothes that you wear don’t make you nice bro
Grown ass man out here lookin’ like a dyke hoe
(Stop it)
I talk wild shit but I can fight though
Six four three hundred pounds it’s Fuck Ya Lyfe whoah!
I’ll show you how to spaz on a tape
They tried to shoot me with the deuce deuce I laughed in they face
Rappers out here spittin’ hazardous waste
I Walk around gold Cuban with the Lazarus plate
Coney Island that’s the Planet of Apes
Hold ya kid for ransom but they won’t do me like Harambe though
Them xanny sticks got you lookin’ like a zombie don’t remind me though
I’ll smack you sober word to mami bro

Ya DJ is gahbage
(I threw him off the stage)
Ya management is gahbage
(And he’s bald)
Ya baby moms is garbage
(And ya kid’s ugly)
The link in ya bio still gahbage
(Still didn’t click on that shit)
The weed that you smokin’ is gahbage
Ya production is garbage
(And you suck)
Fuck you tryna kick knowledge?
I’ll smack the shit out you Duke, you gahbage