Letra de In Ebony
For it is kill or be killed
And this which makes me thrilled
The higher form

Yes it is in here
Just between this ears
In search for more

Philosophing why
The spider the fly
Hope i lost

A tragedy played
The actor failed
Premature final

It takes me away, like burning in fire
The powerful soul is mine
Blood in the sky
Released to die, in ebony light

And he who thinks he knows
The spirit's cancer grows
Observing the prey

Bring me to grief
As you believe
Therefore I lied

A joust to begin
And the javello spins
Aim at one goal

You're part of my holocaust
Caused in my ebony thoughts
I don't believe in your failure

Taste released Hatred's feast
Join me
Spoil me
Kill me

For it is kill or be killed
But blood needs to be spilled
All for me

And you thought you knew
I the opposite of fool
In ebony light!