Letra de Big Box
Wonderco got in money trouble had to break the law
Had to balance the fine against the benefit to all
Made a business decision to pay the fine and break the law
Too big to fail, too rich for jail

He can live without so why can't we
After all they're just like you and me
They cast their votes and no one gets excited
Because they are Citizens United

In the streets of the capital corporations are taking control
Democracy crushed at their feet
Money flows free from the sky to those who come along
Some way, somehow, we will prevail, but now

How can we regain our freedom
Lost by our own laws we must abide
When will we take back our freedom
To choose the way we live and die

Main Street's boarded up now the whole town's asleep
The mom 'n pop got boarded up, a small business retreat
Sprayed Windows and broken glass, another car on the street
Out at the big box store people lined up for more

People working part-time at Walmart
Never get the benefits for sure
Why not make it to full time at Walmart?
Still standing by for the call to work

Corporations have feelings, corporations have soul
That's why they're like people just harder to control
They don't want to fall, so when they fall, they fall on you
Too big to fail, too rich for jail

From the capital to the boarded-up main streets
Big Business is there at every turn
From the food we eat to the clothes we wear to the TV screen
From the air we breathe to the fuel we burn