Splenetic / Confusion Letra

Neglected Fields


Letra de Splenetic / Confusion
Iconoclast of deciduous shroud...
Reaving splendour stealthily from faded green,
Rebel winds; decay it is all about
Autumnal yield; a vulturous scavenger of spleen
Watching the fall, perceive the rest. Inhale!
Humidity cascading through-down to a flows of Letha.
Meaning of what is incarnates ways to do...

Hate them! Appreciate the farce!
Lonely hearts, bastard kin and lascivious mates
But sheep amidst sneaks a wolverine; Scars
Have their irrational grace
Berhyme the storm, the imminence of tide
Karmic affliction
Splenetic glossary-verbs of decline, dialect of fiction...

Delendum human grandeur est
Death restores the enamouring grin
Ten thousand worms of inquisitiveness
Iron will remedy dreams
I face the omen emerged in fog-mere a sunset
My fiends are shy where I tied them and locked-
Destined to absence...

Vulturous griffin of spleen...

Beyond, where instincts collide,
Negative passions
Strike a transcendent light...

Naught! None above!
Senses clear hesitations and doubts.
Naught! None above!
For the dwelling on desolate ground..