Letra de Now
Guns, guns, guns! Guns, guns, guns! Looks like fun, doesn't it? Well, rocking and rolling on full auto is a lot of fun. "we felt the women had been ignored" "I, I like the, the feeling of, of the machine gun in my hands" (Aaahhh.) "you know, I, I like the, the feeling of, of the machine gun in my hands" "you know, I, I like the, the feeling of, of the machine gun in my hands" (Aaahhh) "You know, I, I like the, the feeling of, of the machine gun in my hands" "the feeling of, of the machine gun i n my hands" (here we go, 30 rounds" "the women had been ignored" "I like the, the feeling of, of the machine gun in my hands" (Aaahhh) "got to be an addiction!" "you know, I, I like the, the feeling of, of the machine gun in my hands ... got to be an addiction with me!" (Aaahhhh... nothin' like it!) Hey, beautiful, beautiful! Last one got 'em! "30 rounds in one and a half seconds! Real firepower....." "we felt the women had been ignored ... they'd been kept ignorant and, uh, afraid of firearms, when they're no more difficult to operate than a household appliance" Hi! I'm Candy Jo, and I'm shooting the Ingram M-10, or the Mac-10! GUNS. This gun is one of the most well-known machine guns in the world, (GUNS.) not only because it has been featured in numerous Hollywood movies, (GUNS.) but also because it has derived underworld popularity. (GUNS.) The Mac-10 is the weapon of choice because of its concealability. (GUNS.) With this gun, even I could stop most of the bad guys out there. GUNS. As you can see, this gun is really fast! (GUNS.) It fires a 9 millimeter round at a rate of 1200 rounds per minute! (GUNS.) That's, like, 20 shots per second! (GUNS.) Not only that, it weighs just six and a quarter pounds, and it's only ten and a half inches long. (GUNS.) Hello, my name is Julie, and this is the M-16. (GUNS.) I'm shooting the MPK submachine gun. It's made in Germany, (GUNS.) The MP stands for Machine Pistol. (THIS is a real gun.) This gun fires a 9 millimeter cartridge at a rate of 550 rounds per minute. (GUNS.) That's close to 10 rounds per second! ("they're no more difficult to operate than a household appliance") What surprises me is how easy this gun is to handle. (GUNS.) I guess that's what makes it so much fun! (GUNS.) The barrel on th e MPK is six inches long, and I'm shooting it with a 30-round magazine. (GUNS.) It weighs just six and a half pounds, (GUNS.) and has a clever folding wire stock. (GUNS.) Those Germans really know how to make a machine gun! (GUNS.) Now THIS is a real gun. Not one of those wimpy submachine guns. I mean, I've never fired a gun before in my life! (GUNS.) But let me tell you, once I got that machine gun in my hands, there was no stopping me! (GUNS.) It's a blast! I love it! (What a blast!) It's a blast! It' s a blast! It's a blast! ("Whew, THAT was a blast...") "Well, we started out telling a little history, y'know, with a little music like 'Annie get Your Gun' and a pioneer-dressed woman... and the story line developing through the, um, the dance hall girl who had to... protect herself in various ways... all of these having various concealed firearms... then into the contemporary business woman in a business suit... uh, the recreational woman... a police officer... (we know criminals will always get guns) the, uh, security guard... and finishing ("That's enough overdramatics. Give me that gun before someone gets hurt. Stand by...") with, uh, the beach woman clad in a bikini." ("Stand by...") "Okay, alright, stop right there. ("Stand by...") Where do you conceal the gun in a bikini?" ("Stand by...") But what do you expect? This is my first time ever firin' a gun, (Yeah!) much less a machine gun! (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!) (GUNS. GUNS.) Hi there! My name is Lisa, and this is the H & K G-3. (This is fun!) The G-3 fires a 716 round at 550 rounds per minute. (GUNS.) This gun really packs a punch! Wow! (Lot of kick to that, I'll tell ya) "As demonstrated in the fashion show, even when the firearm was, uh... exhibited, about 90% of the people never even saw it, or where it was. They just saw it appear." "Now where else did you find places to conceal deadly weapons?" ("Oh, there's Conrad General over there, let's say hello to Conrad General, hello, Conrad General!") "Firearms." "Okay..." "There are lots of deadl y weapons; we're only dealing with firearms." "Okay." "We're taking this from a defensive posture. (You go on about your business, you see?) Uh, ankle holsters, there were garter belt holsters, uh, midriff holsters, which are not unlike a tank top, and a holster sewn into that, it fits, uh, underneath the breast area..." Hello, I'm Tish. I'm shooting the Thompson submachine gun (GUNS.) Hi, how are ya? I'm Denise, from San Diego, California, and I'm gonna show you how to shoot the AK-47 automatic rifle, (GUNS.) the standard issue to the Soviet Bloc Army, I might add! (It's a BIG gun!) This gun weighs nine pounds, seven ounces, and fires 600 rounds per minute. (GUNS.) The fifty round drum is a lot of fun, because you can just shoot, and just keep on shooting! (GUNS. GUNS. GUNS. GUNS.) (Whew! Blew the other window out!) "..have the shoulder holster, then the standard hip holster, and uh, waistband holsters..." "The horizontal shoulder holster was the perfect accessory for the businesswoman of the 80's." (Yeah!) "There ya go." "What about ball gowns?" (Yeah!) My name is Adrian. How are you doing today? (GUNS.) I'm shooting the world-famous Uzi submachine gun. (GUNS.) I can just imagine stopping a group of terrorists in their tracks with this magnificent weapon. (GUNS.) The Uzi is a bit heavy at seven and a half pounds, (GUNS. GUNS.) but.. that gives it some heft and something to hang on to! (GUNS. GUNS.) There's something about having a gun in your hands, and being able to control it, (GUNS.) I don't know what it is, but all the girls talked about it... (Anytime YOU want to go shooting, just give me a call) "What's next?" I really don't know anything about guns, but when the producer said I was going to be shooting the Uzi, I immediately recognized it as the gun the Presidential Secret Service men carry under their coats! "What's next? Do the firearms themselves come in, uh, fashion colors?" "Well, believe it or not..." *bang* *bang* *bang* Hello, am I on? (oh, no) We're here at the Tra demark, the motorcade is coming by here, (oh, no) just heard a call on the radio for all units along Industrial (oh, no) to pick up the motorcade, something has happened here... (she calls) we understand there has been a shooting... oh, no she calls oh, no she calls oh, no she calls oh, no (it appears as though something has happened) oh, no... the motorcade sped on. the motorcade sped on. it appears as though something has happened in the motorcade route... Something, I repeat, has happened in the motorcade route. (she calls, oh, no) The Presidential car coming up now... (the motorcade sped on) I see Mrs. Kennedy's pink suit... (she calls, oh, no) there's a Secret Service man (the motorcade sped on) checking over the top of the car (she calls, oh, no) we can't see who has been hit (the motorcade sped on) if anybody's been hit (she calls, oh, no) Something is wrong here (no, no, no .....) Something is wrong here, something is terribly wrong (RUN, BOY!!!) Something is wrong here, something is terribly wrong (RUN, BOY!!!) Something is wrong here, something is terribly wrong (RUN, BOY!!!) Something is terribly wrong Stand by... Something is terribly wrong (RUUUUNNN!!!!) Just a moment, please Something has happened in the motorcade route, st and by, please. "There's the prisoner... you have anything to say in your defense?" *bang* "There is a shot... (RUN!!!) Oswald has been shot!" (RUN, BOY!!!) "Oswald has been shot!" (RUN, BOY!!! RUN...) "A shot rang out as he was led.... into his car ..." (RUUUUUNNNNNN, BOOOOOOYYYY!!!!!!) "There's a mass confusion there... swirling, and... fighting..." GUNS. "As he was being brought out, now he's being... led back into his... turned to the ground... the police have the entire area blocked off... (RUUUUNNN, BOOOOOYYYY!!!) everybody stay back... he is... being hustled in... to me, he appears dead, there's a gunshot wound in his lower abdomen." *bang* "Senator Kennedy has been... Senator Kennedy has been shot... is that possible? Is that possible? He has fired a shot... he still has the gun, the gun is pointed at me at this moment.... I hope they can get the gun out of his hand... be very careful... get the gun, get the gun... (RUUUUNNNN, BOOOOYYYY!!!) stay away from the gun... His hand is frozen. .. get a hold of his thumb, break it if you have to, get his thumb... That's it, Rafer, get it! (Get the gun!) Get the gun, Rafer! (Get the gun!) Hold him, hold him! (Get the gun!) Hold him!" Get the gun! "I hope they can get the gun out of his hand..."