Letra de The Invisible Empire
Take a look around you fool
War, violence, hate and blood
The end of your world is at hand
A carefully executed plan

Yes, it is true we do exist
Lurking in shadows so you can't see
The bringers of Apocalypse
Harvesters of dreams

Some of your kind have seen the truth
Smelled the conspiracy within
You mocked at them, laughed at their words
We have programmed you to do so

We are the Shadow Government
The Men in Black, the alien lies
We are the wonders of your saints
We are the demons of your dreams

We have successfully engineered
The plateau of your reality
Narrowing your senses and your minds
With methods of deception

We must admit (that) we lied to you
We tricked (and) manipulated you
We offered you a peaceful sleep
So you can dream how life can be

But now it's time to wake you up
It's time to worship your true gods
It's time to serve and give your blood
For our time of glory has come

Now you can see us on our thrones
You can see us at your temples
You can see us in the flesh
The New World Order has begun