Knights Of The Black And White Eagle Letra


The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven

Letra de Knights Of The Black And White Eagle
We ride on phantom stallions
We carry flaming swords
Clad in the colors of doom
From dusk 'till dawn

We are the Keepers of the Blood
We hold the keys of the Great Realms
The secrets of life and death
And the Philosopher's stone

Rebirth and death
We rise and shine
Reborn from the ashes
As the Eagle spread it's wings

We have murdered kings and priests
We have fought against nations
We feed on the blood of warriors
We live and breath for battle

We have sailed the 7 seas
Skull and bones our battle flag
The crew of the Holy Damned
Guardians of the Hidden Lore

For thousands of years to come
Until the Gods return to earth
Under the moonlight
We will be watching, we'll still be here