Pretender To The Throne Letra


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Letra de Pretender To The Throne
Opus I: The Usurper's Spawn Godless descendant of my blood Impudent son of Erihtho You dare to provoke my power So come and feel my ruthless wrath On a night of a fiery moon Your witchborn mother summoned me Whispering my dreadful names Raising the southern winds I rode to her on griffon's wings Piercing the darkness of her dreams She begged the dark to be my bride To bear my son, the demigod So I gave her the joys of hell A night of dark and bleeding lust My heathen sperm, my burning seed To raise the mortals' demon-king I gifted you the mortal world To rule the lands and do as you please And now you impious earth worm You dare to claim your father's throne? I am the Dragon, supreme king I am the dark that gave you birth I am the blood and I am the life Death riders my chariots of sin But if a war is what you want Then in my Name so it will be When Cerberus will howl at Hades I'll come my son your soul to take