Letra de Malice
Greetings from the torture gardens
paved with slabs of human flesh
where bile from witchcraft lips
blasts forth the blood of a new christ

Where malice holds dominion
and specters feast on clergy's flesh
a heretic baptist screams
as disciples erupt in flames

the misery of ravished nuns
by the phalliform crucifix
souls locked in evil charms
harbingers of the devil

Angry jackals in human masks
who dwell in the eye of the storm
devoured by undead sentinels
conceived in planes out of time

Murderous lamias of the mind
re-writing the beast's bible
graven with demon's mockery
inspired in the midst of nightmare

Soon comes an eclipse of the sun
the triple faced wolf-headed god
will reign the dreams of innocents
and hate will win their children

In this underworld
man is but debased whore