Letra de I.N.R.I.
Iesus nazarenus rex Iudaeorum

had finished
the crucifixion
of the king on the cross

tied ropes
to the trunk
of the cross

have done their job
nailing hands and feet
to the cross

Torment, suffering

Iesus nazarenus rex Iudaeorum

Bones smashed
One upon the other
Wounds were ripped
Blood bursts again

Words of love
And compassion
Through the air

Torment, suffering, passion, death

Scripsit autem et titulum pilatus
Et posuit super crucem
erat autem scriptum

Iesus nazarenus rex Iudaeorum

Jesus of Nazareth the king of the Jews

The eminence on which the cross was planted was
About two feet higher than the surrounding parts

The feet of Jesus were near the ground for his friends to be able to kiss them

And his face was turned to the North-West