Awakening Of Dawn Letra



Letra de Awakening Of Dawn
Born from the dregs of reptiles
They are preparing to die
Lobotomised by supremacy
For fire one kills from the cold one dies

Primordial instincts forcing the concept of divine
Generated by fear and neglected

Where only the microscopic germ
Has the power to annihilate or forgive
For fire one kills from the cold one dies

Awake!!! Only death is certain
Dawn of this world
Awakening of dawn
Only death is certain in this dying world

Tnemom sseldne na eb lliw hsalc lanif eht rof gnitiaw
Yaw fo dne eht ot sdael seiceps eht fo gninnigeb eht

The beginning of the species leads to the end of the way
Waiting for the final clash will be an endless moment

Glimmers of knowledge were not handed
What we have created will destroy us