The Undead / Agony (Reprise) Letra


Into The Macabre

Letra de The Undead / Agony (Reprise)
Night of horror, his killing in sight
The Beast of hell brings new blood
Eternal life, drinking the lymph
The pale of death will remain
Rising the king of Romanian hell
Emerged from the abyss to be free
Lustful intent to take up your soul
Thirst for blood revenge

Unveil the grace of blood
And pleasure of fear

Alive... in hell's domain
Undead... and darkness' slave

Life aspiration, he's marking from hell
Not living beyond his own death
Banish the cross to join the legion
Of the wicked living dead
Religious warfare bursting' on earth
The sunlight of long distance sight
Fly to the tomb where darkness command
Avoid the forces of light

Unveil the grace of blood
And pleasure of fear

Arise... at your summit
Descend... at darkest pit

Blood, demented lust of death
The iron works the magic
Sanctify your useless God
The end will be so tragic
No mortal souls again
The Creature will arise
Scorn the cross of fear and pain
Order you to die

Walks through sunlight gates
Just as the vampires call
Torment... of your mind
New life by your blood

Trapped in pain by hypnotic trance
The sky turns black so near
Indications above the ground
Smiling at your fear
Unknown diseases in your soul
The oppression licks your spine
Ascending from the grave of hell
Death will fills your mind

Watch me stabbing my mind
Corrosions of my soul
Illusion... fills my eyes
New life by your blood

Living in damnation, the undead spreads his plague
Signifying the holy blame
Nightmares are reality inside my head
Sustain the reign of living dead