Fragments Of Insanity Letra



Letra de Fragments Of Insanity
Art form of the butchers, forgotten tales of death
Flashback of dementia, fearing myself
Poetic infliction, sign your body with the blood
Skinned alive, as terror grows

Smell decay of sorrow
Infinite to follow
Neurocranial terror
Celebrate my horror
Pseudoexophoria, irrational psycho reflex
Extreme desire, forgotten itself
Behind progression, breath my death through the air
Aroused by carcass, I found it there

Hollow laughter, childhood cries
And when I turn in rhyme with silencebehind my crime
Wound in a coil - inborn to myself
Absurd vision - caress again
Love and life means nothing to me
Fragments of fear, of my sanity
Fragments of insanity
Far beyond
My last friend
Burst illusion, madness fry
How do I feel, 'n now intake a dream survive
Look to the dance - of my lunacy
Matters forming - 'n plagues all of me
My confessions - neurosis die
Psycho catharsis of my genocide
Fragments of insanity
To recipe my mind
Rise - the ovation
Feel to die