Letra de Sweet Nothings
Take me back to the ocean,
Feel warm sand beneath your feet,
Emotion -- escaping from reality,
If I could only begin to explain
All my flaws, all my fears
All my stupid mistakes, could you still see past all the things I hide away
And my poor choice of words?
But you were smiling anyway

Wake me up in the morning
Slept till late afternoon
My dreams are dark and twisted
But tonight I'm dreaming of you,
Snuck in through your window
Broken glass cut my skin
Bled close to death with you all night
But I still don't regret a thing

I have a habit of pushing my luck
If I just play this cool it might pay off for once
As we lay intertwined you broke silence with talk asking
"Baby, do you think of me?"

"Baby, do you think of me?"
Yeah all the time, like every night

The look in your eye
You hung on every line
When I poured my heart out
But you took it every time

(Thanks to Carolina for these lyrics)