Letra de Losing Teeth
We couldn't wait for the days to get longer,
Spend nights sitting up, wasting away
All the shit that we did when we were younger,
Think back and it feels like yesterday
We were losing teeth,
Stayed up again last night, talk some sense to me

So it seems the time has come
To pack your bags, close your eyes and run like I did,
If you do it first I'll follow straight behind you
Cuz growing old is a waste of time,
To say goodbye is a waste of breath,
We'll stick it out til the bitter end

I remember every night that we spent on the edge,
The cold warmth and the bitter taste that it left
Young, dumb, and carefree and reckless,
But there's some method to the madness

Passed out in the living room,
Moved on but I'll see you soon,
Bored now you're absent,
Back home there's still nothing to do
Though we complained about it
All was such a worthwhile waste of my time,
Every day and each night a memory,
Take care and please don't forget me

Don't give a fuck what they have to say,
Cuz we'll just do it anyway,
And if I break a bone or it fries my brain,
We took a risk and laughed at our mistakes.
Give a fuck if we don't fit in!
We don't need them,
They don't know a thing about us,
All the times we shared
The world at our feet and in the wind in our hair,

But some things must change,
And as much as I hate it,
It kills me to say our goodbyes as we turn the page and
Move onto the next chapter,
And hope it won't hold disaster
Now the world's so big it seems,
But the blank white walls won't let me breathe
And if the big wide world caved in tonight, I'd see you on
The other side

(Thanks to Josh Lively for these lyrics)