Letra de Growing Pains
I'll say goodnight,
In the morning I will wake up to a blinding light,
And curse all my mistakes
And say I'm not what you think,
I'll break all the links,
I'll ignore all the exit signs

Cause you've had your own mountains to climb
And I've got skeletons I hide,
In the back of my mind where I question myself,
I dwell on the past just like everyone else

Don't bear the weight of the world on your shoulders,
It's not too heavy
I'll break my back so you can feel like someone's on your side

Forget the past and all the heartache,
The growing pains that keep you awake,
I'll sing you to sleep
With songs that let you know that we'll be okay
Round and round and round this goes,
Playing on your stereos,
When I'm away and you can't sleep,
Just know that it's the same for me

And every time I see you I remember why I made you mine
That day in mid-December,
Still so young and naïve with our hearts on our sleeves,
But I know we'll be alright

They don't know what we share in the briefest of moments,
I'm head over heels for the smallest components,
That light in your eye or that look on your face,
Secure in the fact that we both know our place

No one like you girl,
No one in the world
The perfect touch to the picture I had in my head
No one like you girl,
Nowhere in the world
That I would rather be