Crushing Grief (No Remedy) Letra

Neck Deep

Wishful Thinking

Letra de Crushing Grief (No Remedy)
She's dressed in blue and black again,
Sometimes red or yellow dress,
She can’t seem to make up her mind,
A shed of light is hard to find.
She was too cool for me to catch,
Or was I too slow and second best?
I always knew this day would come,
I've got some things to get off my chest.

This whole thing’s open to conversation,
But I’m not holding my breath about it.
I'm sick and tired of all your bullshit
When all it is who can scream the loudest.
And it’s funny how the time it flies
And the people how they change,
You know its funny how you changed...

Crushing grief there is no remedy,
The mess you made of me,
Sleep with the enemy.
I'll miss that old routine we had:
Get high, have sex, get high again,
I know you wanted more from me,
It's something I could never be

I don't need you,
Keep your distance.
I don't need you,
Things have changed

Crushing grief there is no remedy,
The mess you made of me,
The worst I'll ever be

I started looking past the point that you were always best for me,
I've fought my way through all of this,
I've learned and loved and fell apart.
I came through unscathed,
Albeit betrayed,
But fuck playing it safe,
Won’t let you get the best of me.

(Grazie a Luca per questo testo)