Letra de Blank Pages
Blank pages keep me awake,
But these nights are too long to shake off
My nerve to easy to break,
A brave face is too hard to fake
Stressed out and I'm losing the will,
I'm too hot but I'm feeling the chill of defeat
This happens every time,
Push the boundaries 'til I tow the line

I'll find my feet,
Save my skin and hopefully
Crush the doubt in my head
To work this out in the end
I've been crossing out the lines
And I've been wasting all my time
Questioning myself again
With ink that's trapped inside this pen

Ignore and push to the side,
Plays on in the back of my mind
The right words are too hard to find,
Keep cool and wait for a sign
No good, just good for nothing
This path must lead to something
Worth the doubt, the stress, the effort
I always knew I could never cut the pressure

Thinking back to the days when nobody knew my name
It was so easy to escape
My careless mind was a safer place

Always asking why can't bring myself to even try
Holding out till the end
Fake a smile and pretend
Oh, but there's still time to get these wounds to open wide
Spill my guts on this page,
Breaking out of this cage