The Dream Isn't Over Letra

Neal Morse

The Great Adventure

Letra de The Dream Isn't Over
I heard a man telling
He told about his dream
How he saw a man sleeping
Who was awakened so extreme
So he went upon a journey
To the place our eyes can't see

He left his wife and children
In the city of despair
His eldest son Joseph
Was too young and unaware

But now that he
Is older he's angry
And his life's nowhere
It's so unfair

But the dream isn't over,
It goes on
And it passes from y
The father to the son
No, the dream isn't over,
Though it seems
It's dead and gone

So the wife and the children left behind
The wife she begins to change her mind
But the young man hates his father
He left
And that's the bottom line
That's the bottom line