Letra de Freedom Calling
Troubles come from everywhere
You're stuck inside
The great despair
Chained unto the enemy
And there's no way that you'll get free
But this is not where you will stay
The great escape is underway

I will break down
Every door you can see
'Cause my love is stronger
Than your dark melody

Trust me now and take my hand
You don t have to understand

Close your eyes, look inside
Can't you feel that I'm alive
And where I am will always be
You just have to turn the key

Freedom calling
To the depths of the earth
There's no inferno
Where its voice can't be heard
Will you go out
Into what you can't see
Beyond the borders
Of your dark melody

And all at once, I know it's true
I think somehow I always knew
The great adventure,
The heart sunrise
Is living right before our eyes
And here we are on our own
Walking down
The road called home
We must continue,
It's worth the price
To seek a love that never dies
To seek a love that never dies