Letra de Jayda
The sun crossed a field to a pale gray
Time was torn apart
The doctor said things weren't all okay
She was born with a broken heart

a song to my soul
Your daddy's here he'll never let you go

There was nothing to do, but just sit and wait
Will she make it through today?
My wife laid our baby at heaven's gate
And gave her heart... in trade

Crying Jayda
Lord make her whole
But Jayda
Your mommy knows she has to let you go

The testers kept testing for very long
With no word to console
They searched and they searched
But found nothing wrong
'Cause they couldn't find the hole

a song to my soul
Oh Jayda
the Father's come and he has healed you
it's not time to go
Oh Jayda
the father's come
and he has made you whole