Absolute Beginner Letra

Neal Morse

Testimony 2

Letra de Absolute Beginner
Long ago and far away
I let you down; I let love lay
And I could look the other way
And go about my working day
My heart was jaded to the core
A professional amateur
Like everything's been done before
But today I feel better

'Cause I feel like an absolute beginner
Like this is the first day of a whole new life
And I know this love is gonna deliver
Like an absolute beginner
Everything is new
And it's all because of you

I was told on my Daddy's knee
That life would give no guarantee
But knowing that you're there for me
Is dancing on my destiny
I cannot keep this in my mind
I've never been the silent kind
I want to tell those left behind
Good things are 'round the corner


Let your love come tumblin' down
It's never felt so real as right now

CHORUS (to end)