Letra de Supernatural
When the music fades
And no one cares or really understands
I'll be there to take your hand
And when the last note plays
And no one's there and you want to run and hide
I will still be by your side
Singing in that voice you hear inside

When my heart is on the line
Winter days or bright sunshine
You're the window on the wall
When my hope is fading fast
You're like rain upon the grass
And the wonder of it all
Your love sustains...
It's supernatural, supernatural, yeah

When your time has come
And you can feel your spirit slip away
I'll be there to make your day
And when your mind is gone
And life itself is about to take the dive
That's the moment I'll arrive
And we'll know what it means to be alive


After the music fades we walk by candlelight
But somehow the music reaches far beyond our sight

CHORUS (to end)