Inside His Presence Letra

Neal Morse

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Letra de Inside His Presence
And in this place of gold
The ancients walked this road
There is no death
There is no time

There is a love unknown
There is a scent of home
A rainbow wreath
A blazing throne

From a grave of stone to a world unknown
From the smoke and ash comes true life at last
Among earth and sod the very life of God is here

From a list of laws seeing all our flaws
To the blind, the lame, we are all the same
Our High Priest has come to make us all as one in Him

The temple of his throne
Is now not made with stone
Your very heart is now his home

He will come and live if you'll only give
Him a place inside that the world can't buy
And the Holy Place is now face to face in Christ

When he died and was born the temple walls were torn
And God's Spirit poured out to all the ones without
Now the temple of the living God is you

The temple of the living God is you