Ain't Seen Nothin' Like Me Letra

Neal Morse

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Letra de Ain't Seen Nothin' Like Me
Adam was livin' a care free life
Nothin' to do but hang out all night
God said to Adam "I think you'll agree
You need someone to run things" so He made Eve

(She said) I'm livin' proof God blessed His daughters
I got what you need
You've seen fire, wind and water
But you ain't seen nothin'
Oh no - you ain't seen nothin' like me

Samson was one of the lucky few
Strong as a bull and the coolest hairdo
Well, you all know that after Delila got sore
He was nothin' but a crumpled mass on the floor


She said "now don't you fret
No, don't you worry
I'll be the ghostwriter
Of the rest of HIStory"

God made woman on a beautiful day
But don't you cross her or she'll make you pay
He made her strong and he made her sweet
And if she weren't around we'd be dead in a week

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