Letra de Jealous
Oooh... Jealous of the way that dress is huggin' you How it caresses your body as you move So upset 'cause I wish I could touch you too The things you make me wanna do Oooh, baby What I wouldn't give to be your shoe Just so I could caress your feet Don't have a clue You're the instant of how much I'm feelin you Baby, won't you let me come and let me tell you 'bout it [Chorus:] Know that I could be that lipstick on your lips Babe I wish I was that skirt that's 'round your hips And I know it might sound funny when I tell you this But everything that touches you has me so, jealous Can't believe I'm envious of your Chardonnay (baby!) Oh how I wish that you would kiss me that way I would let you drink from me any day Oh how you hurt me baby I don't wanna make you think that I'm comfortably insane I just like what I see And I want it all for me baby ? ... I'm goin' crazy! [Chorus] And I may be a bit over protective I'm ok with that You got me and you and me and you Ghettos and G's I'm so on this love of mine [Chorus 4x]