Letra de Was In Love
(aww baby) (verse 1) Say the words Play the part Gave the world and plus my heart Did it all with a smile on my face Gave you love Mind and soul Thought that it was mutual I see now that that wasn't the case {bridge} (Look at me now) Not exactly who I was when ya last saw me Baby I've grown into a man who knows the deal (Playing around) Wit my emotions is a thing of the past story Said I've become a bit too slick And that's 4real (Chorus) I was in love Silly me, silly me, I was what you wanted me to be But not anymore I was in love Silly you, silly you, I refuse to be youthful But not anymore (verse 2) Sugar whats with your eyes Why do you look so surprised Is it cuz ya game has no effect (girl it aint working) And I've developed such a swagga Sharp as a dagga And a mind that just wont fall for it {Bridge} (chorus) I read you for that Baby I been without you Mad you can see I'm fine So what ya coming round for (Baby) Cuz I don't need you anymore (chorus)