Leaving Tonight Ft Jennifer Hudson Letra


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Letra de Leaving Tonight Ft Jennifer Hudson
[Spoken] I believe that love & trust are one in the same/ I don't think you can truly love someone unless you trust them/ That blind trust, beyond a shadow of a doubt/ No matter what this person say or that person/ You believe your man/ Now you say you love me/ But everytime one of your little friends come at you with something/we gotta to this. Momma I'm trying (I'm trying)/ To show you that I'm real/ Tell me what I gotta do to show you I'm for you/ Jennifer Hudson - Spoken: Just shut up and listen/ Verse 1 - Jennifer: Two hundred and sixteen/ Thats how many times that I went back and thought about it/ In my mind /Could she (could she) really be, who he's tell me that she is/ That's something about it that don't feel right/ Saturday she called here twenty six times/ Ne-Yo: (Oh you counted?) You kept telling me not to worry/ Ne-Yo: (Don't worry about it) Wanna believe that your telling the truth/ Ne-Yo: (So don't doubt it) But if you are lieing to me/ Chorus: You're leaving tonight/ outta my life/ Everyone said you ain't no good/ And you proved them right/ You're leavin' Tonight / It's over and done / Ain't no sense and trying to / wait til the morning comes/ (Leavin' Tonight) Verse 2: Baby now hold up/ Lets just settle down/ Cause there's a perfect explanation/ To this situation/ That were going through/ (this thing that were goin through)/ I swear that I dont know that girl/ But I seen around/ And she has explained how much she want it./ But baby i'm knowing that/ all of me is for all of you / Said I gotta girl like a thousand times/ JHud: (Oh so you counted?) She kept telling me not to worry/ JHud: (Don't worry about it) Please belive I'm telling the truth/ JHud: (I wouldnt doubt it) I really wish you would beleive in me/ Chorus: I'm not leavin' tonight/ Girl your my life All of your friends think i'm no good/ Please don't prove them right/ I'm not leavin tonight/ It's over and done/ Lets leave this alone/ And lets make love till the morning comes/ Not leaving tonight/ Bridge: (Jennifer Hudson) Oh I wont deny that everything in my body wants to love the trouble Ne-Yo: (So whats the problem girl?) See I cant take this serious, when your just having fun Ne-Yo: (Oh I'm not just having fun) Steady running around Ne-Yo: (I'm not running around) Making fool of me Ne-Yo: (Baby girl you can't listen to everyone) Bridge - NeYo I'm your man JHud: (Your my man) Trust in me JHud: (uh huh) Don' let them interfere with us being happy JHud:(Babe) Love me girl Verse 3: (JHud) I love you/ that's a fact Ne-Yo: (Say that you love me babe) But I'll be damned /If Imma let you up and disrespect whose been there from the start / And I've been disrespect, my heart/ You claim (you claim) to not know her (not know that girl)/ But name and number is in your phone (she even got a ringtone)/ You care to explain that part?/ Bridge: (Pre-Chorus): (Jennifer) Saturday she called here twenty six times Ne-Yo: (I know you counted) You kept telling me not to worry Ne-Yo: (Please don't worry about it) Wanna believe you're telling the truth. (So don't doubt it.) But if you are lieing to me. Ne-Yo: Im not leaving tonight End - By Ne-Yo and J.H. Jennifer: (Leavin Tonight) Ne-Yo: Girl your my life Jennifer: (outta my life). Jennifer: Everone said you ain't no good (you proved them right) Jennifer: (Leavin Tonight) Ne-Yo: Said i'm not leavin tonight/ (It's over and done) Let's leave this alone and lets make love till the morning comes/ (Not leaving tonight) Ne-Yo:See I just need you to trust be baby Jenniger:I wanna trust you Ne-Yo: Said I just need you to turst me baby