Do You (Remix) Letra


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Letra de Do You (Remix)
(feat. Mary J. Blige)

Maybe This Decision Was A Mistake
You Probably Don't Care What I Have To Say
But It's Been Heavy On My Mind For Months Now
Guess I'm Trying To Clear Some Mental Space
I Would Love To Talk To You In Person
But I Understand Why That Can't Be
I'll Leave You Alone For Good
I Promise
If You Answer This One Question For Me

I Just Wonder
Do You Ever
Think Of Me
Do You?

[Mary J Blige:]
Found It Lying Bare In Front Of My Door (Door)
Pick It Up Before My Man Could See (See)
Not That I Was Trying To Hide It From Him (Him)
Calling Me Just Trying To Keep The Peace
Knew It Was From Before I Opened It
Knew What It Would Say Before I Read
Torn The Letter Up And Threw It All Away
With This Question Burning In My Head


[Ne Yo:] I Know What We Had Was Dead Ago
[Mary:] Too Many Times I Made You Cry
[Ne Yo:] And I Don't Mean Interrupt Your Life
[Together:] I Just Wonder Do I Ever Cross Your Mind


Do You? Do You? Do You?