Letra de Do You?
verse 1
Maybe this decision was a mistake
you probably don't care what i have to say.
but it's been heavy on my mind for months now.
guess i'm trying to clear some mental space.

i would love to talk to you in person.
but i understand why that can't be.
i'll leave you alone
for good i promise
if you answer this one question for me.

i just wonder
do you ever
think of me?
do you?

verse 2
first off
let me say congradulations
heard that you just had a baby girl.
if she looks anything like her mother.
she's the prettiest thing in the world.

swear that i'm not trying to start no troube
so tell your feonca
he can rilax
i'll leave you alone for good i promise.
Theres just one question gotta ask.


verse 3
I know what we had is dead and gone
too many times i made you cry
and i don't mean to interupt your life
i just wonderered do i ever cross your mind?

chorus +3

(Thanks to chelsie-leigh for these lyrics)