Nct 2020 : The Past & Future - Ether Letra

NCT 127

Nct 2020 : Resonance Pt. 1

Letra de Nct 2020 : The Past & Future - Ether
We are imputed to the community while living under a lot of influence... which makes general world of conscious just a build-up of sediment from these influences. Beyond the horizon of this sediment, there is another world named the... unconscious.

This world of unconscious is a world made of filtered events, emotions—which are the factors that only respond to "I," in the conscious world.

It keeps expanding limitlessly from the deep sea and beyond the infinite universe. We call this wave “광야,” created by filtration from the sea of unconscious, "ether."

It also a limitless medium and can connect dimension to dimension, people within people, emotions within emotions. We spread "ether" infinitely through new journeys.