Here Comes The Money Letra

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Letra de Here Comes The Money
Here comes the money (Here we go, money, Uh)Here comes the moneyMoney,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,Dolla DollaDolla DollaChing ChingBling BlingCut the ChatterYou ain't talking moneyThen your talking don't matterChing ChingBling BlingPattin' PocketsYou make a dolla dollaCan't a damn so stop it(?)UhhhHere comes the new kid on the blockHold all your bets here's where the buck stopsSee first of all I am steppin' out on my ownBout time I elevated to claim my own thrownSuccess in my bloodCall it home grownPores reakin' testosteronePower and money got me crazy, cockyNo longer need you papiI know your mad because you can't stop meand if you wonder how this playa done scooped your honeyI think she smelled my cologneIt's called brand new moneyMaking (something?) movement ain't a damn thing funnyPimpin' hood rats and playboy bunniesThey see the...Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,They Say ItsThey Say ItsMoney,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,Say WhatSay WhatSay WhatMoneyI'm global dolla dollaand roll with bout 50Like to go out smelling fresh and lookin' spiffyDon't like clean moneyI want my riches to be filthycause with everytime it's funI get done til I'm 60So what am I supposed to doRoll in twoStand there pattin the pockets'Till I'm stackin' only twoChing ChingBling BlingGot the cash in lumpsIt's a four wheel here to jackand I'm selling them out my trunkWhenever, whatever it takes to shake down a dollaAlthough in that direction wait a minuteHolla HollaAll wants to knowWhere they goWhere they wentand I'm makin monster moneysmellin just like a mintMoney,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,Money,