Letra de Say You Love Me
Say you love me: The ocean rises as the waves now crash Cross the seashore as the wind blows The earth the moon the flowers bloom As the rain drops and the trees grow No mystery I can calm the sea I can fill your soul make you whole With open arms I?m here for you I´ m the air you breathe I?m everything Ref: Say you love me, Tell me that you love me, Say that I?m the one that you?ll come running to, To hold you through the rain, Say you love me, And there?s no one else above me, Open up your heart to me I?ll always be , All you?ll ever need? Say you love me I?ll unlock the door to paradise Just follow if you want to Take my hand and we?ll fly away Let me show you that I love you The candles burn as the world is turning slowly, Listen closely; Be with me I?m here for you forever and ever Refrain Say you love me? I know you?re out there, chasing waterfalls, But you can rise above and show me that you love Refrain: Say you love me? Say you love me, say you love me, I?m all you?ll ever need just say you love me Say you love me, say you love me I?m the air you breathe just say you love me.