Letra de Impossible
Verse 1:
No one could take ya place
Heavenly girl I assure you
I never want to change
Nothin bout you and
No need to play it safe
Goin nowhere crazy for you
What do I need to say
It's all about you

You're the key to my life, so exciting
You're the sun in my world, let the light in
Like the sea meets the shore
Come with me, we'll explore
The treasures that lie below

When you're gone, it's impossible
Nothin's the same, everything's changed
Until you come, it's impossible
Can't concentrate, losin my way baby

Verse 2:
We're in a perfect state
two people doin what we do
You got a special way
Natural an true and
I'm not tryin to complicate
the situation I just got to
Explain and illustrate
The voodoo you do


We've found a place where we wanna be
No interruptions just you and me girl
I get this burning inside of me
Every time that we're touchin electrified lovin

Chorus to fade

(Thanks to audreym4y for these lyrics)