Letra de Go Get It
She started with a day dream
Working on a maybe
Focusing on being there
Standing in the middle

Start composing for the camera and her mind
Keep an ordered diet behind it
She's on the golden path
Everywhere that she goes

And it's only her who knows her purpose and real truth
She's not afraid that she'll lose
Cause there is no such thing
When you do something special

More or less it just feels equal
Listen to the beats and headphones
She writes everywhere she goes
On napkins and paper bags

Few verse or a rhyme
Sometimes she stays up all night
Cause her frequencies are clear
She intends to be the difference she wants to hear

She makes it clear she's not the property of commodity
Of some brother with a big chain
She's got real games not tricks
Slick and quick

Watching no one but herself
Inspired by everything
Handle no dream
She's more than a desire in everything they need

She's a queen
Walking in the light on the hill toward her horizon
Sharing she knows who she is and that's a good thing
She's prepared for the opportunity of success

She's truly blessed
And you can hear it

It's the way that you rock
When you're doing your thing
It's the way that you flow
Make the people wanna sing
Go get it go get it
If it's yours
Go get it go get it
The way that you flow
Makes the people wanna sing

She tries to keep her mind fit
She works ? rhyme
She has attraction on everything
She's a magnet

Power and energy makes the enemy obey
Makes the people rock and
Music chooses her
She keeps performing

And instead of using her art platform to be a diva
The people start to see her
She gets naked in her craft
Wearing a heart and her panties

Means that she feels a piece on the stage
Like she always has things to say
The desire to heal and grow
Not claiming to know all the things

But every day she remembers
Chanel in
Like she's plugged into a source
Of course she has learned from examples

It's like her spirit is a sample of it
She writes and he wrote
So she goes where her mind shows her
Sharing what she finds

Maybe she's been doing for life time
She's in her mind and you can hear her soul
Every time you hear her flow
Listen close


What you wanna do?
You can hear it calling
If the time is now
Tell me what you are waiting for
You are everything you need
You have everything and more