Don't Pay The Ransom Letra

Nat Stuckey

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Letra de Don't Pay The Ransom
Last night I stopped off for a beer on my way home And I saw this broken hearted sweet thing cryin' all alone My tender heart was deeply touched at the sight of a woman's tears So I said hi there and I pulled up a chair and ordered us a couple of beers We must have drunk a gallon of brew when I looked at my watch it was half past two And I suddenly realized I hadn't even called my wife And knowin' what would happen to me when I get home I nearly broke my neck gettin' to the phone And here's what I told her in an effort to save my life Don't pay the ransom honey I've escaped Considering what I've been through I'm in good shape Well my wrist and ankles are a little sore from the tape But don't pay the ransom honey I've escaped Now if you got tied up somewhere tonight on your way home In a poker game or with a pretty dame and it slips your mind to phone Don't blow your cool like a crazy fool and tell your woman where you've been Your situation requires imagination and I've got a suggestion my friend Tell her now don't pay the ransom ... No don't pay the ransom honey I've escaped