Slaves To The Rich Letra



Letra de Slaves To The Rich
bleeding money everyday
even for the toilets the fucks let you pay
working more, earning less
prices up for a fucking mess

pressure on you

stay poor, obey your master
stay poor, eyes on the floor
stay poor, work hard
stay poor, upper their score

slaves to the rich
hanging on the hitch
work the fuck more
cause life's a bitch

paying taxes they use for shit
the warfare industrie payd by you and me
closing down the social stuff
they are smiling to you while ripping you off
hardly trying to defend ourselves
from attacks to fuck our life
this whole life fighting
running laughing into a knife

no love

no thanks but I won't go
no gents I don't think so
your offer simply sucks
commercials news n' stuff

(Dank an Ulf Smaul You are Dismissed für den Text)