Independance Day Letra


Give A Shit

Letra de Independance Day
Independence day burn the population!
Non human race victims of degradation!
Years of research brought the ships,
millions loaded of human disease!
Alf is the enemy!
We are the careless,
exploring, exploiting!
Gutted erath we have to leave!
Exloring, exploiting!
Gutted earth we have to leave!
Melmark we're coming!
You see they eat cats,
they have to be evil!
We burn them like rats,
we need this planet!
They do know,
one way to stop us,
they will go!
Self destruction!
Plug in the guitars!
Volume to the max!
The rest is history,
pandora is next!
Independence day!
Burn for us!
Need more space,
no matter what!
Independence day!
Burn for us!
Leave what's your's or burn to dust!