You Gotta Love It Letra


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Letra de You Gotta Love It
[Az] This is what they want[Nas] What you say?[Az] This is what they want[Nas] Can't hear you man[Az] This is what they want[Nas] Speak the fuck up...What!Nastradamus, skama litKnow when I wreckFlow when I'm setI got the chips to make a lotus my whipGold on my neck was once a code of respectFor highrollers and becks, now its those of braguettesPrefer a mack 10 over a techNo matter sober or wet, I smack soldier condectsTrees it might've jacked my hype backFamous phrase "nigga light that"Hoes that you fuck asking where your ice atDun, its all about playboys when we were youngCould only get tongue, then finally we could cumBustin hoes, gazzling 4-0'sCrack blitz in 86, you turned hustling pro>From bottles to holding seven in your handTo pay debts, to get to the crack, unscrew the canGleam blunted hundred sack embowed with a seam on itWe got it if the fiends want itThe whole block singing the same theme "dawn it"Fuck it too many crabs in a bucketIf its icework, I'm gonna chuck itFuck it, you gotta love itChorus:[Az] This is what they want[Nas] Fuck it! You gotta love itRepeat 3 timesSome girls get emotional, fanatic extremisCompulsive with malice incentivesThe foulest of bitches, hung on my riches, her childish wishesBe suspicous, of those sleeping with fishesThem hoes, conspicuous and it showsTricking his doe, kicking his flow, slipping you foldSo when your clique roll, I let my clips go, niggas on opposite polesI got that confidence sewed, for those locked in a holeIn humane living hostile opposed, to live on the streetsProper from my top to my toes, aeropostale my clothesBurning niggas in surburbans with liquorProsperous foes, finicky foul niggasSee niggas and blacks there goes a loud differenceCoke sniffing, tapping 13 year old chickensYou can't be a kingpin when you snitchingRegardless, we still make you a targetWe shoot you in jail, chrome objects hit you in your own projectsIt's street economics, this rhyme was edited, credited, thru ebonicsMiserable cats, hunger painingGet off your ass stop complainingMy crew be in Montego Bay migratingMarinating while you home waiting your arraignmentThis thuglife you claimed it, I made millions of entertainmentNow back in the hood certains cats, they wanna kill meThey icegrill me, but on the low they feel meYou gotta love it.....