Letra de The Setup
featuring HavocVerse One:My minds set, son got wet, Im vexed reallysnatched of his rolex, smacked his bitch sillyWhy niggas actin illy word to willy bout to feel itI feel it he should of been dealt wit itDem niggas sour, they put to much flour in they coke(Hav and Nas: and got the nerve to wonder why they broke)while we were gleamin, niggas was schemin, seen the ill beamersbeamin triple beam double in cream had em feeninto get they fingers on the dosa I called SossaSossa these niggas hit the god bring the toastameet me in the Bridge Im about to go locaHe came thru wit two fly bitches, Venus and Viciouswit two macs inside the Volvo, what up godI'm still sober, I need some Hen to bend me overmy nigga Hav got soldier. It's goin down it's goin down kidI heard he might not live, I'm holdin back tearsI told these broads to put it in gearwit two females that dont sound in they style sonWhat up son, these niggas done started somethin wildYou know the clique well Ramel with the gold in his grilltried to get a name holdin the steelI paid attention to the females, maintain bitches when it gets realSoss pulled me close and told me the dealhe said both hoes sprayed shots and still handle the wheelpoint em out smoke a phill and chillI layed back Escobar status, me and the Firm got it corneredwe on it shit we was born wit.....Chorus: HavocSpark the Lai, QBC yo its do or diewe in this the business and trifenessI finesse this for we chef shit, perfect shitaba asta minds connect wit dangerous sons pull back let the tech liftlift you up bless you wit a shorty then I set you up...(repeat one more time -- sub "I" with "we")Verse Two:Hold it right there pull over, dat nigga right thereinside the Rover, I knew he be right here I told yalet's get him now, look at him smile Ice blew overpull o pull over big links and rockin bouldersHe stunting after he left my man like thatwithout a fair chance to fight back, (Hav and Nas: but I be right back)He never seen us Soss gave the mac to Venus and Viciouslookin delicious handle yo business and step to emshake yo ass try to screw em dowhat ya got to do to get to emA tight parasucco with young faces can turn niggas Buttafucoof all ages, they was amused with the way they walked waythey talked, only if they knew these girls had sprayed New Yorkif they had too, heard him ask Venus "Can I have you?"he jumped out the jeep heard her tell him "Dont grab boo"they started chattin was only about a minuteflat line they jumped in the back of the jeep laughinWe followed them polianthey probably thought the hoes were Somalianprobably when they hit the Holiday InnI grabbed the phone and called the Mobb and themwe layed low about a hour or so these bitches movin too slowWe both holdin, What if them wild hoes started foldin?Sossa said say no more we started rollinbefore we got in they must had shot em, security wildinthere the girls go hurry up we outinthe 940 me, Sossa and two shortysthe punk niggas got murdered in the orgy...Chorus