Rest Of My Life (feat. Amerie) Letra


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Letra de Rest Of My Life (feat. Amerie)
[Chorus: Amerie singing] The rest of my life The rest of my life [Verse 1: Nas] LIFE, dead presidents, devilish meant Overthrow king thrones just 'cause of their negligence DEATH, real shit'll start comin' to light Niggaz you ain't like dickin' your wife, WHAT? Kind and underminding, grimy, stiff corpse shapin' Pork bacon, double-cross Satan HEATHENS, non-god-fearing, lace thong wearing demons But glory go to God, y'all BENEATH HIM If y'all don't know that, rap with a old cat He'll show you streets where them big dealers DROVE AT Where low-key killers let the fo' clap Blocka-blocka-blocka -- OH The glow, the 'dro, the dough for shows Everything a hood brother thing he needs -- YO You'll find a goal in a ghetto superstar's roadmap And I'ma use that for the [Amerie singing] For the rest of my life For the rest of my life [Verse 2: Nas] Burnt-out, kicked to the curb So I had to learn how to turn around a hundred thou' REAL FAST In '95 that was my last, I went back to the ave thinkin' rap's a thing of the PAST Rest in peace E Money Bags, no more cabs, got caught with the ratchet in the stash Lawyer want CASH, my ba'y bro blast burners at cats who gell They burnt a range with a mollet of COCKTAIL My little man got fourteen-years for car-jackin' a undercover Them cops SWEAR, my little nigga told on me I'm thinkin, "Hello, where's the L-O, V-E" Pigs play games, my little man'll never say names Word to his pops with elephant veins They both locked-up still, word to Will I'll make it and chill for the [Chorus: Amerie singing] For the rest of my life For the rest of my life [Verse 3: Nas] My man gave his mommy coke So she wouldn't hit the block all crazy for the smoke DAMN NIGGA, could you picture you supplyin' your own moms so she don't have to bone for DIMES? Or give dome for nicks' in the roofs of the projects where dogs shit and PISS Yeah, we all plan to get rich but it's all about how it's executed Lexus coup-ed, brigettes from cubics Mighta been stupid, but I got far from twenty-six BARS To ten LP's, what can him tell me? Of them? Of y'all? I'M NAS, on a track that's unorthodox Like my life coulda been offed by THE COPS Told y'all, Nas will prevail by the book when it's up for sale About the rest [Chorus: Amerie singing] For the rest of my life For the rest of my life