One Never Knows Letra


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Letra de One Never Knows
In my darkest days lighting up the rightous smoke
Cause I'm dealing with this thug life crisis and cant cope
Niggas on my dick beef don't stop
Niggas asking what happed to the Firm
Did you and AZ bone Fox? No
How was it working with Dre though?
Heard you was fucking Lil Kim and Mary J, Whoa , the list goes on
There is rumors that Brandy broke my heart
The world want to know what's in the life of the prettiest Don
Nas, was Jay fucking with your baby mom's?
Was she involved with a plot, to deceive my perfect degrees of
Three hundred and sixty, he ugly she pretty that's life
Never been married eloped with dope; Music's my wife
It's true, me and 2 PAC once steped to each other
Confronted our like's and dislike's in front of Suge Knight, we left it as brothers
As a child pop's blew his weed in my face, results, mixing ether with base
I'm the rebel to America, less is the nasal voice chipped tooth bastard
What your hearing is a replica
I never had a clue, that all you dudes should be in dresses
Double edges playing both sides of the fences

[Chorus] [Nas & Lake]
Where my soul going to go when my ditch is dug?
One never knows do one
The things that I've seen in the streets I'm from
One never knows do one
The stuff that I've done what I've become
One never knows do one
Am I crazy what they make me out to be or what?
One never knows...

The streets say what up wit Lake, not showin his face
And did he really shoot at the Jake's?
When he just came home, and dude shot at Capone, for his necklace
Why was Lake name mentioned?
Was he reppin on the island taking phone time?
Did he get Prodigy his chain back in "99"?
Who's writing his rhymes? He is
Do he be with Kingpin like Delson and Jesus, What was he thinking?
On Revolutionary Warfare when he said, He's a modern day Hitler
Did he shoot more niggas, Than every dude in QueensBridge?
Why his last case made the daily news in June?
Do he have the strength to unify heads from BX to Harlem?
Who did he stomp and walk naked in his Projects?
Did he get shot in his chest, never fall with no vest on shoot duke and walk off


[N] A yo these niggas don't understand me
[N] There's going to be a murder my reason insanity
[N] The acts in the involvement with a homicide Nas
[N] Who did you shoot at the time when you could've got robbed?
[N] Do you call yourself a prophet of God?
[N] Did your hood set fire to your car in your project's in '95'?
[N] Did Jungle shoot up the club lately?
[N] Did Jungle kidnap Philly's Most Wanted, then they drove him to his safety?
[L] Yo, what happened to Puffy and Steve Stoute?
[L] Why did they scuffle with champane bottles smashing, what was it about?
[N] My video nailed to the cross
[N] Now Stoute started hating me, hanging with my enemies
[L] They ask everyday on my block
[L] How did I survive in ? by keeping it gangsta, why Nas
[L] Did you leave a clothes company after you made it millions?
[N] Cause Esco's weak I start a new line a ILL one