Gimmee That Nutt Letra


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Letra de Gimmee That Nutt
Intro:Cruisin' down tha street in my '64Verse One:It's like that and it's like thisI took her to tha pad and we started tah kissNow my dick's on hard ya know what I'm thinkin'Took tha panties off and the pussy wasn't stinkin'Pulled off my draws and we started to beginNow tha pussy's wet so my dick slides inOh, hiddy hiddy hiddy you hoeRidin' from the back so I'm fuckin' kinda slowSo fee fie foe fuck fumShe's scratchin' on my back oh here she comesNow I gotta get a nutt gotta get a nutt gotta get it quickYa know because I love this shit soChorus:Gimmee that, that, that nutt [3x]Gimmee that, Gimmee that, Gimmee that nuttVerse Two:Okay back back to the fuckin' basicsYou got yours and mine ya want tah taste itOpen wide oh no don't 'cha waste itOh shit all over ya face kidYa know ya know one thingYou know me I like to slangThat dick you know what so roll over girl while I stick it in yaBut I'll turn it wild while I'm ridin' that ass scream and shoutMy name is the sameJust another pussy that I had tah tame soooooooouh, get it on babyuh, get it on babyuh, get it on baby (lick my ballz honey)-Chorus-[2x]Verse Three:Now I love pussy (love pussy)And pussy loves me (pussy loves me)Like a lemon to the lime and the bubble to the beeYa know its real good a nigga can't resist it (it's real good)Couldn't be a foot loop (can't be a fag) so don't get me twisted'Cuz in some pussy is the place tah beAlways fuckin' is the life for meSpread them legs open far and wideFuck this shit just let me put my dick inside soooooooo-Chorus-[2x]uh, get it on babyuh, get it on babyuh, get it on baby (gently put the ballhaaaaa)-Chorus-[2x]