Find Your Wealth Letra


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Letra de Find Your Wealth
1st verse:From breaking atoms, to illmatic, to going platinumniggas did change course, from ripping it wit Main Source9-1-9-2, time flew, out the bluetime for a new, young king to ruleyounger frame, older state of mind,find my name on a oage in ya QuranI learnt that in '89, when I was slingin' cocaine & baby ninesput it in rappin', I gave y'all a way to rhymeGOD guides us, from public assistance, to high riserscondos, houses where y'all can't find usmove on ya cliques in silence, get wetted up,my meal everyday was a slice & 7uptook advice from a street legend, I didn't even been changetoo protect the innocent, witnessing, mistakes,visits at fuckin wakes, cause jealously infiltrates,and seals ya fate.(CHORUS)Look way deep inside yourselfdiscover the diamond insidefind ya wealthonce you get ityou gotta live itthen live itniggas don't never wanna see you wit ityou knowcan't come close enough to touch the doughthe lifestyle I live is untouchableso we clutch a fewguns that a touch a crewcause we learnt to what the hustlas do.2nd verse:Different ways to come out the hood, in cuffs or a casketor crazy or shooting a 3-pointer basketor maybe, its the rap shit, all types of tacticswe used to get doughsome choose kickin' in doorsI ask a reverend, my mother, and her best friendless thean ten, years ago for me to get doughwhat y'all recommend, it's outta dope, weed or blowcause high school was slow, and jewelry was hotduckin' crewency cops, trains I hopto make it downtown, sisqo in my veins, pissed between trainshit Canal St. just lookin' at rings, outside through a glass,went in the store and asked,how much it cost?Korean man brushing me off, for some other big time customer,probably a hustla, who looked down at my small chainand chuckled up,I said I'll be just like you soon muthafucka what!CHORUS3rd verse:Sit amongst niggas who get life and throw a smile at the judge,wildest thugs, who blow trial, exhile from the hood,keepin' bitches coming through on visits,you will survive, them weak freaks think you finishedya first tiime in you known for poppin' ya toastby ya third year in you forgetten by mostwife cut the modenr day life, bitch now rightfriends actin' like they don't be gettin' ya kifeevery year niggas come home, in no time they get killednot even home a month and they get peeled backwardsin they on backyard on the park, one shot to the headtwo the heart, you should be smartin the projects who gonna die next, hoodrats knowwho let they gats blow, and who keep cash flowlike the bitch who know the rats wit the good ass blowblunts be as good ass fold, as you twisting ya dro!CHORUS 2X