Fear Of The Black Man Letra


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Letra de Fear Of The Black Man
The Fear [x2] Of A Black Man Dick The Worlds Greatest Fear

[Verse 1:]
Scoopin' Dee Lop Street Hop Dats All We Do Guess What America We Love You Step Up West Africa We Love You
Guess What UK We Love Ya But Need You We Singin' Like Ms.McKeper Nas The Inferious Lyricist But Now The Same Time
Nas Is Inpententrable The Menace Approves Of The Scription That Proves I Resent That A Prince Hats My Crown
My Thrown Used To Belong To Where That North Korean Kim Used To Sit At They Check To A Chimps Mans Ancestor
I Think A Pimps A Black Mans Ancestor Just Around The Paragram In The Corner Of My Next Word Right Next To The World Greatest Fear
The Fear Of The African Black Mans Penis Is Phenis Slouer Beth Married Jesse Lee Proud Man He Was Mother He Was Light Like Ya Mama
Black Blue Colour Skin A Softness Match For Anyone Stirred With Some Some Words Dat Smother Black Mother Son Lover Jesson
Dat Old Jesses A Trip At The Factory Man He Quit He Loved His Ciqarettes His Beer And Slouer Beth Married Less Than A Month
After They Met Slouer Beth Was After The Sex Cute White Darling Pretty Angel From The Heaven She Fallen Such A Perfect Match
They Both Human They Both Knew And They Got Together Be A Lot Of Eye Screwin' Whole Bunch Of How Dare You Looks From The Whites Then The Negro
Black Chicks Have Fits And Her Go Man Dingo Shes So Liberal Screams Out In Ecstacy Cause Sexually She Gotta Have A Stab At Jesse Lee

The Fear Of A Black Mans Penis (Dey Tryin' To Give It Aids, They Try To Give It Aids)
The Fear Of A Black Mans Dick (They Lie Scream And Rape, They Lie Scream And Rape)
The Fear Of A Black Mans Penis (Can't Hide It's In Your Face, Americas In Your Face)
The Fear Of A Black Mans Dick (For All The Ladies In The Place, All The Hoes Love The Taste Of Tha Niggaz)

[Verse 2:]
They Used To Barbecue Blacks Cut Off They Gen And I'll Tell Ya Killin' Off The Averigies In Austrailia Coldest Shit I'm Tryin' To Tell Ya
Daddies Told His Daughter Stay Away From The Bucks They Just Try To Impale Ya Cause She Heard About Wut The Myth Is About Heavy Equipment
That Some Sisters Might Dismiss It HA HA Yeah Right Your Right She Probably Didt Git A Call The Other Night So Fathers You Should Be Scared
Shes Bangin' Down The Door Of My Bedroom She Tryin' To Get Inside The Fruit Of The Looms She Hopes I Have My Ear Tunes Passin' Down My Grandfathers Crown Jewels
Cause If We Turn Around The World Turns Brown It's A Fact They Want A Thug In Em' Guess How Many Presidents Had Some Black Blood In Em' And This Nations A Vast Nation
So Wut Was Your Fictnation With Cashration Colour Should't Matter Revelations Colour Shouldt Matter By Life & Love Cause Colour Never Matters Under The Covers When The Lights Are Off